Current Events

Our Digital Gallery is live! Showcasing a new artist every week for the forseeable future, don’t miss out on excellent NZ art!

Explore the gallery!

The Pop Top is our 1970’s pop-top caravan coffee venture, founded and operated by Ruben, our resident coffee nerd.

Get yourself down for a coffee made by a serious enthusiast, with a serious love for his craft. Open weekdays 8am til 2pm.

The half pipe is open while The Pop Top is, so you can skate while you wait.

The Drawing Room is holding some of their workshops in TyanHAUS! Held during the day, these are a great opportunity to learn some amazing skills, and are available to book on their website!

TyanHAUS hosts a market day once a quarter. We have a large roster of talented locals that will be popping up shop throughout the year providing you with high quality hand made products. Open 10am til 2pm.

We host exhibitions for up-and-coming artists, with opening nights and weeks of art. Check the calendar opposite for dates and make sure to come see some of the incredible art on display!

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